I’m so honoured and privileged to have these amazing friends as brothers and band mates, walking this often arduous journey with me. I appreciate and love you guys @fruitargeek @roscoroman @greenappleman05 . We had a lovely gig in my old town last night and had a mad fun time at the Acorn Acoustic Sessions at Rebellion Café. #ShareTheFruitShareTheJourney #FruitVendor #rebellioncafe #AcornSessions

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Gear all set for tonight’s solo Fruit Vendor gig at Wagon Tail Brewery, Anura Vineyards. I’ll be on from 7-9pm. If you can’t get there make sure you make it to the Blender Box this Saturday eve at Ellington’s! I still have a bunch of tickets to sell ya dig. #ShareTheFruitShareTheJourney #FruitVendor #GiggingMuso #RealJob #Guitarist #Singer #Anura #WagonTailBrewery

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