Who Am I?

Joshua Prinsloo is a multi-disciplinary artist/entrepreneur from Cape Town, South Africa. He performs under the name The Fruit Vendor and creates music that is a combination of South African pop and storytelling. Josh runs a company under the same name that aims to solve the deficit of public interest in original art by creating novel experiences in home spaces.

He is the Bands & Nightlife curator for What’s On In Cape Town (an online publication of the city’s best events) where he is developing and executing a monthly performing arts industry support platform that assists creatives in approaching their art as sustainable business – a first of its kind in Cape Town.

Josh has 8 years of experience as a performer, event planner, strategist and writer. He has also worked in corporate retail marketing.

Josh is an accomplished performing artist in his own right. In addition to hundreds of performances all over South Africa, he has performed in New York and St Louis (USA) and has performed for Nobel Peace Prize winner Wole Soyinka and 9 time Grammy award winner Brian Michael Cox.

He has shared stages with David Kramer, Die Antwoord, Kahn Morbee (The Parlotones), Prime Circle, Karen Zoid, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, Matthew Mole, aKing, Hemel Besem, Albert Frost, Adriaan Brand (Springbok Nude Girls), Tony Cox, Jitsvinger, Melanie Scholtz, Tribal Echo, Majozi, Richard Stirton, Zoe Modiga, Lana Crowster, Donovan Copley (Hotwater), Paige Mac, Siphokazi Jonas, Eden Myrrh, Alysia Harris (USA) and Chris Redmond (UK). To date he has released two EPs of original music.

Josh obtained a Bachelor of Drama degree and Post Graduate Marketing diploma from the University of Stellenbosch, SA.


Fruit Vendor the Business

The purpose of the Fruit Vendor is to ‘share the fruit’ of the arts – if each artistic discipline is its own kind of fruit, then my goal is to vend that fruit and create economically sustainable opportunities for it – opportunities that over long term generate value for both artist and audience.

The South African arts industry sorely falls short of the entrepreneurial vision and drive that facilitates such revolutionary change – there are very few models toward sustainable arts business in our country and even fewer empowered artist/entrepreneurs.

Traditionally, a career in the arts is shrouded in uncertainty and a ‘hope for the best’ attitude. My interest is in demystifying that norm by moving toward a proactive model that makes sound business sense and reframes the perceived value of art in the mind of the public. It is this interest that has given rise to an event service called the Fruit Jam (a mobile, on-demand performance art experience targeted at homeowners that brings together seemingly disparate artistic idioms). I am excited by the prospect of creating a perennial market for the arts on a house by house basis.