7Utilising a combination of catchy, sing-along melodies, penetrating lyrics, searing rap vocals and a poignant live show – Fruit Vendor creates a fresh sound that appeals to a diverse audience.

Fruit Vendor’s work is nestled firmly between the socially conscious protest songs of yesteryear, carefully crafted to deconstruct listeners’ pre-conceptions by leading them in with heart-warming acoustic soul and his pure vocal delivery, only to sprinkle them with a dash of percussive rap that leaves no stone unturned.

In 2014, he won first place in Music Experience’s Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival competition. A year later at the festival, he was singled-out and commended by David Kramer for possessing a “fresh sound” as an artist whose work contains a good balance between serious and comedic subject matter. Kramer also praised his use of audience interaction. This was mirrored by Real Wired Music founder and SAMA nominated jazz musician Gavin Minter, “(Fruit Vendor) brought something totally new and fresh to the table, unlike anything else we have heard before. He included a folky spoken word element that really impressed us.”

In addition, Alma Café’s Richard Tait has called him “…the most complete performer I’ve had the privilege of watching. His guitar playing, singing, songwriting and even his banter is exceptionally good.”

In 2015 he won the Western Cape leg of the South African Artist Development Association’s nationwide talent competition.

He has played at numerous events and festivals around South Africa and has shared stages with David Kramer, Die Antwoord, Kahn Morbee (The Parlotones), Prime Circle, Karen Zoid, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, Matthew Mole, aKing, Hemel Besem, Albert Frost, Adriaan Brand (Springbok Nude Girls), Tony Cox, Jitsvinger, Melanie Scholtz, Tribal Echo, Majozi, Richard Stirton, Zoe Modiga, Lana Crowster, Donovan Copley (Hotwater), Paige Mac, Siphokazi Jonas, Eden Myrrh, Alysia Harris (USA) and Chris Redmond (UK).

Fruit Vendor has toured the USA, performing in New York, St Louis and Columbia and has performed for acclaimed Nobel Peace Prize winning playwright Wole Soyinka.

His debut EP entitled “Giants” was released independently in 2016.

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