Who Am I?

Joshua Prinsloo is a creative culture innovator and musical storyteller. He performs under the name The Fruit Vendor and creates music that is a combination of South African funk-pop and storytelling. Josh is the creative director of company called The Fruit Market that aims to solve the deficit of career sustainability in the arts.

Josh has 8 years of experience as a performer, event planner, strategist and writer. He has also worked in corporate retail marketing.

Josh is an accomplished performing artist in his own right. In addition to hundreds of performances all over South Africa, he has performed in New York and St Louis (USA) and has performed for Nobel Peace Prize winner Wole Soyinka and 9 time Grammy award winner Brian Michael Cox.

He has shared stages with David Kramer, Die Antwoord, Kahn Morbee (The Parlotones), Prime Circle, Karen Zoid, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, Matthew Mole, aKing, Hemel Besem, Albert Frost, Adriaan Brand (Springbok Nude Girls), Tony Cox, Jitsvinger, Melanie Scholtz, Tribal Echo, Majozi, Richard Stirton, Zoe Modiga, Lana Crowster, Donovan Copley (Hotwater), Paige Mac, Siphokazi Jonas, Eden Myrrh, Alysia Harris (USA) and Chris Redmond (UK). To date he has released two EPs of original music.

Josh obtained a Bachelor of Drama degree and Post Graduate Marketing diploma from the University of Stellenbosch, SA.


Gavin Minter

“Fruit Vendor brought something totally new and fresh to the table, unlike anything else we have heard before. He included a folky spoken word element that really impressed us.”

Gavin Minter Event Organiser, Booking Agent & Musician Cape Town Folk 'n Acoustic Music Festival

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1 thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Sarina Jordaan says:

    Hi Joshua!

    Daisy recommended that I get in touch with you regarding a cultural event that she is advising me on and brainstorming with me. I operate in the tourism sector and I am hosting an event at the end of September.

    It’s an intimate cultural dinner where all of the South African cultures (yes, no kidding! 11 language groups plus Indian, Cape Malay and Khoi/San) are represented in either the food, decor or entertainment. It’s not one of those super touristy events though where guys dress up in their Zulu skins, my vision with the dinner is to give some history but then also reflect on the way we all live together now, and the beauty of all the cultures in their modern form as well. Where I need some advice is on the entertainment/hosting side.

    As I am an engineer by profession and tour guide/operator by trade, this is not my area of expertise! I do have an idea and vision of what I want to achieve through the entertainment though and as Daisy speaks so highly of you, I would really appreciate it if we could perhaps get together and discuss a solution that would benefit us both!

    My cell number is 0824965277 if you want to give me a call or WhatsApp me.



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