I’ve decided to start keeping a journal of the progress we are making on my first full length album. We are very much at the beginning of the process of production, but it’s amazing to see how every band member contributes their own flare to making the songs come alive.

Here’s a video of us tracking drums on a new song called Oliver Twist in my lounge, using one Rode NT1 condenser mic for overheads and one dynamic mic for kick. This approach is unconventional in that drumkits are usually recorded with a range of mics spread all around the kit. We decided to go extreme DIY and use only two mics. I’ve heard recordings of this method before and I must say I’m stoked with the results.

Tracking drums is always a conundrum because traditionally it’s the one instrument that requires added resources, perhaps a dedicated space in a well treated room with a bigger budget. I have no budget and a very live lounge with tiled flooring. But quite happy with the result. Jason is really tight and he made attempting this new method a joy.

What are your thoughts on this method?


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