Review: Intone & iNDWE – The Cave Project Launch

Their faces dimly illuminated by candlelight, onlookers gather as if around a fire, where they can warm more than just their hands on this cold winter’s night. A strike from one of the myriad of percussive instruments in the centre sends sound reverberating through the cavernous recesses of the auditorium at Novalis Ubuntu Institute. Shadows bounce up and down the walls, in answer to the quivering candlelight, and I am taken out to a 60 000 year-old cave on the West Coast of South Africa, where the ocean roars above the chirping of birds in my eardrums. I’m staring into the cave at three shaman-like figures who tell the tale of our ancestral roots.

These figures are Intone – percussive duo James van Minnen and Ronan Skillen – and Xhosa singer iNDWE, who together present The Cave Project: Meditations & Lullabies, an album recorded over three days in the Steenbokfontein caves. It is a live representation of a moment in time: as it happened, with no overdubs or post-production edits…

Read the full article at What’s On in Cape Town.


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