We are 2 days away from the big gig at Alma Café where I’ll be launching my 2nd EP entitled “10 Seconds” and I’ve already sold the first pre-order EP Bundle! For R110 you get my old EP “Giants” and the new one “10 Seconds” sent straight to your email address on Friday. If you already have the Giants EP, the 10 Seconds EP on its own will cost R40. All proceeds will go toward helping me get out my full length album which is currently 3 songs strong in production. Let me know if you are keen to support by responding to this message! There are still seats available for the gig, so if you haven’t booked yet make sure you reserve your seat asap by calling 021 685 7377 or emailing thefolks@almacafe.co.za. At this stage bookings are a must, otherwise you might get GEGATE at the door. #ShareTheFruitShareTheJourney

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2qd0S5R

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