Greetings fellow Fruit Vendor! I’ll be launching my 2nd Fruit Vendor EP entitled “The 10 Seconds Four Play” at the Alma Café on Friday, 28 April at 7pm for one night only, you dig? Accompanying me are the Seedlings Rosco Roman (Bass) and Jason Skippers (Percussion) and sharing the bill with us is talented singer/songwriter Ruby June. Since I haven’t launched any music much less played live in quite some time, I’m planning something mal cool for the event and fruit will be shared no less. What’s cooler is that if you’re in my Fruit Vendor Street Team, you’ll get the 4P for FREE and sent straight to your email address. Kwaai nê? Come join us for a memorable night of singing along, laughing, crying and sticking it to the Man. Tickets for the event cost R120pp and includes a light meal. I must iterate that bookings for Alma Café are essential since it gets sold out very quickly, don’t rock up at the door and be gated. Book by calling: 021 685 7377. “Fruit Vendor is the most complete performer I’ve had the privilege of watching. His guitar playing, singing, songwriting and even his banter is exceptionally good.” – Richard Tait (Alma Café) Alma Café is one of my favouite venues to play and i hope to see you there. Peace out. #ShareTheFruitShareTheJourney

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