Dave Knowles
Dave Knowles

I’m super amped to be sharing the fruit bowl tonight with Dave Knowles and Jonathan Tait (of Hatchetman) at the Alma Cafe in Rosebank. Dave and Jonathan are both young artists that I really look up to and who are both making in-roads in their respective creative journeys. It’s so rare that you get to see three high calibre craftsmen getting together on one stage, so I highly recommend you pull through. This is what Dave sounds like and this is what Jonathan does. This is fresh fruit!

Tickets: R120 includes a meal, bookings are essential: 021 685 7377 (Call immediately, ’cause it gets booked out fast usually).
Time: 7pm
Address:  20 Alma Road, Rosebank
The Duende Sessions with Maya-Rose, Joshua Grierson, Grace De La Hunt etc
Venue: The Bombshelter, Ndabeni
Date: 19 August
Time: 8pm
Cover: Donation Based
The Giants EP
The Giants EP


Feedback and Thoughts

Feedback from someone who bought my EP over the weekend:

“…It’s inspiring to see what local artists are creating. I had a moment where I sat and thanked God for what He is doing through your music. These days I have a smaller range of music that I can listen to without spiritually feeling affected negatively. I guess I am just super sensitive like that. Your album was different in that sense. It really blessed me. You’re going to perform on world stages…”

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of similar opinions on what I am doing as Fruit Vendor: like when people say what I do is unapologetically South African, or when they feel inspired to follow their dreams or go home and write or create something (I love that, because both are saying something important about my/our identity and the culture I/we grew up in and the drive to challenge the status quo). After hearing my tune “Real Job” and the story behind that this weekend, a couple decided they will no longer discourage their son from pursuing a career in the arts. Amazing. Because, not all of us want to be doctors, lawyers, engineers or accountants – some were made to do those things and others were made for exactly whatever else they should be doing. Your natural inclination speaks a lot about where you should be in your life, where your purpose lies. And so I am starting to see a pattern and notice a very similar thread whenever people talk to me after gigs: on the one side there are those who feel inspired and have yet to take the leap into pursuing whatever scares the shit out of them, and then there are those who are inspired but have seemingly missed the boat because of circumstances, naysayers and/or fear. All I know is that I don’t want to live with regrets. So many of our parents have regrets. I hear about these regrets all of the time, and mostly from strangers who see me doing what it is that I love doing.

On Monday I sat in on a workshop that showed that only 2 out of every 100 people end up doing what they really wanted to do (primarily because they didn’t write their goals down and strategise accordingly). For me, that was shocking. 3 years ago I wrote down 50 life goals to be achieved in a 5 year period. A huge number of those have come to pass just because I wrote them down, not because I was always actively engaging them. Some didn’t, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on them. My dream was to travel abroad doing artistic work – In a month, I fly to the USA to perform a a month long tour in 3 cities – doing what many people discouraged me from doing. I won’t be paying a cent to do this – my flights, accommodation, food, sightseeing and travel have all been paid for. Fruit will be shared.

If you bought the EP and have some feedback, please do send me any feedback you may have – it will be much appreciated. What was your favourite track? I’m trying to get a feel for what is working and what’s not.


Good news! The exclusive Street Team 3P (which Street Team members will be getting for free) is going in for a mix feedback meeting with award-winning mix engineer Phil Thurston of Zerosonic Studios. I cannot wait to get this project done and into the inboxes of all Street Team members. Your R200 contribution is being put to good use.


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