A Million Pieces: Giants EP Opening Track Online

The opening track of the Fruit Vendor Giants EP is here! Featuring Jerome Rex, The Route and DjHearin Aid and the awesome guitar work of Adrian Rogowski: A Million Pieces. Share the Fruit!

Face_ScreenshortI wrote this song while I was taking the Metrorail train from Bellville station to Brackenfell. It was written out of pure frustration in response to Metrorail’s poor customer service and the trains that are constantly delayed or cancelled.

One of the only things that you can do while waiting for a delayed or cancelled train is to watch other people milling about on the platform. Not only do Metrorail’s customers look like millions of lost souls waiting aimlessly on the landing like characters out of a Beckett play, they also seem burdened by a million internal wars that rage endlessly behind their tired faces. These are faces that have grown accustomed to this corporate giant’s empty promises. A Metrorail train is a liminal space where you can only go nowhere slowly, like you’re on the river Styx and the train platforms are tired, forgotten places where promise is an exception and hardly ever a norm.




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