Drawing in ClassOne of my favourite things to do when I was growing was to do little drawings. My earliest memory of being an artist was probably around 4 years old, getting lost in a fantasy world where characters being drawn on a page can occupy your time for hours and hours. This was even before I got serious about music, I loved drawing. I had exercise books full of comics, doodles and absurd stories. Later, I started using my brother as a tattoo canvas.

Drawing of Jaco Pastorius
Drawing of Jaco Pastorius

During puberty I got interested in girls and that’s when I started drawing the female anatomies. Also having gone to an all boys school, this was a hit among my school mates – many of them would dictate how the stories would unfold day by day, so every afternoon after school I would draw a few more pages. Then one day my Dad found one of these books and shocked, uttered the words, “No son, what is this? There’s mos just sex in these drawings” and I said, “Ja, but you wanna mos send me to a boys school – what do you expect!” One could say I was caught up in fantasies and needed an outlet. I’ve turned over a new leaf hence. 

Herewith the artwork for my band Brother & Brother‘s new funk track Mr Fantasy which we are launching online on Friday. This was just a doodle in a notepad I did at the BASA Basics Cape Town workshop two weeks ago – which I then coloured in on recommendation by Nadia Wolfaardt (thanks man!). Big love to Roger Williams State of the Art Illustration for being my creative springboard and for all your feedback. Other artists I referenced here include Mike Shinoda, Jamie Howlett, Doze Green, Picasso and general africanism.

3 Poverties_Mr Fantasy

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