This week during the Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) two day workshop I attended, I picked up an old habit that’s come with me since my school days: doodling. While learning about the concept of the “3 Poverties” that face arts entrepreneurs, I came up with this little sketch – really just a free kind of drawing that utilised some elements of africanism, cubism and graffiti style characters. Have a look:

Oorlams Doodle 1_3 Poverties

The 3 poverties we learned about include: stomach, mental and spiritual poverties. I realised that I suffer from a handful of mental and spiritual poverties that will need addressing going forward.

Apart from all that, I also learned a lot about monetising some of my current projects, since that is the biggest conundrum facing most artists from almost every discipline. In our class we had a range of artists including a painter, a sculptor, a performance artist, graphic designers, a breakdancer and two non-profit/community business owners – and the common theme among all of them is the issue of making money and making it sustainable over long term.

BASA Workshop

On the second day I did a presentation on one of the projects I’ve just launched called the “Share the Fruit Soiree” and our facilitators also think it’s a good core vehicle¬† for launching a sustainable and profitable business. So yesterday I applied for my business registration through the bank.

The whole experience was very inspiring and motivating and I felt like using a vehicle such as the soiree as a core business is very feasible, it’s just gonna take a lot of planning and brainstorming.

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