Work in Progess: 3 Mixes Simultaneously

I’m in the process of finalising 3 mixes simultaneously:  a funk hip hop tune called Mr Fantasy (Brother & Brother – then it’s off to mastering), First Mate (song about my Dad’s adventures at sea, which we’ve also recently shot a music video for) and Fruit Vendor (the song – another music video in the pipeline).

Work in Progress

It’s amazing how taking a break from producing music can affect the way your ear perceives sound. In my case I’ve been off of music production for three weeks now (I was in the city doing a bunch of auditions – one audition was successful and I landed a part in an international production which will be touring to the USA next year before it opens in South Africa, but I’m not allowed to divulge anymore info – but I’m quite stoked about it). Anyway, I came back to my flat on Monday and had a listen to some of the mixes I was working on and they sounded so different to what I thought they sounded like. Not that they sounded worse than before, but I could definitely hear new things that I couldn’t the first time around. The one tune “Fruit Vendor” has been giving me a few grey hairs, in that it consists mainly of long piano chords, cello, organs and ambient pads – and I’m not used to mixing songs with such long phrasing. It’s a fine balance to get everything to blend well – I finalised the instrumentation on that one today, so let’s hope it still sounds great tomorrow after I’ve given my ears a rest. Here’s my very first draft of Fruit Vendor, which was guitar based:

Doccie AdRozanne Engel, who’s been producing a doccie on me will be shooting a music video for the Fruit Vendor song too. The goal right now is just to put together as much content as possible. We are also in talks to produce a behind-the-scenes featurette on the process of creating the artwork for the EP’s sleeve design, which I’m hoping when pinned down will be another way of augmenting my product offering and creating another visual dimension to it all.

#GettingThere #Won‘tBeLongNow #ShareTheFruitShareTheJourney #OneDayAtATime


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