State of the Art Fruit Gets Shared at Soiree

I hosted my first house party the other night: the Share the Fruit Soiree.

R-A Williams (State of the Art Illustration) was there to do a live artwork, inspired by the performers Eden Myrrh, Kyle ‘Monomania’ Louw and Juanita-juliet Domingo. Ro Su Engel got some amazing footage too (see Fruit Doccie coming soon).


ShareTheFruit_TopLayerEach performer brought their own unique flavour to the night’s events. Opening with Kyle’s evocative spoken word poetry, which then set the scene for Juju’s reflective cabaret act which was culled from her recent solo show The Banquet, which will open again at Woordfees 2016. This was followed by Eden’s funky, soulful vocal and piano prowess and a few tunes off her debut EP Chronicles of a Dreamer which made waves on NoiseTrade recently.

If you missed this passion fruit extravaganza, I’m doing it again in December. Need to shed a few tears? Then make sure you come through. Thanks to everyone who came. One must share the fruit musn’t one?



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