One really cool thing about being in a band is that you get to experience all the shenanigans both on stage and off! Since we self-produce, this is a bit of what we get up to while crafting songs nearly 2 years in the making…while dancing like white boys. We present to you Brother & Brother Video Blog #1: Teaser to our new track Ten Seconds (which drops online in two days).


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3 thoughts on “Brother & Brother Vlog 1: Ten Seconds, Dancing like a White Boy and Other Band Shenanigans

    1. Wow, Paul. So cool. And thanks for the comment. We are big fans of synth pop music from the 80s and definitely are influenced by that kind of aesthetic. I’m not familiar with New Musik, but I’m loving this song “Sanctuary”! I’m curious to hear what you think of Ten Seconds when I share it on Friday.. 🙂

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