Pushing Pencil at the Indie Showcase

I mentioned previously that I performed at the TLC ProductionsIndie Showcase, which happened at the Slug & Lettuce Riverclub about a month ago.  The platform was a really great opportunity for independent local musicians to get exposure using a live video mixer, while being accompanied by a full band of professionals on a huge sound rig. I was so exhausted on the night of this performance due to so much other work going on, but it was fun nonetheless. It was broadcast live on Zone Radio and I also got a nice interview done too. Have a look at my performance of my song Pencil Pusher Man, great work by all involved:

Some of the other artists who got featured on the night included folk singer Noa Milan, blues-man Wyatt Peters (of the band Borderline) and the jazz-funk outfit Fritz-Herbert. Check out the promo video for some more info:

Another amazing friend and musician Eden Myrrh will be taking on this platform at the next installment. It’s gonna rock!


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