Jerome Rex & NaMa Xam Represent on Hip Hop Avenue

Over the last year and a half I’ve had the privilege of working alongside two major stalwarts in the Cape Town hip hop music scene: Jerome Rex (who I share membership with in the hip hop collective Gemengde Oorsprong) and NaMa Xam. In fact I produced a track of their’s called Kaapstad (Cape Town) for Hype magazine (I’m not sure if it made the cut – but who cares, it’s still a flippen awesome song). I also served as keyboardist at Jerome’s album launch, under the musical direction of NaMa. The launch was later featured on KykNet’s Fiesta.

The two of them recently got featured in the TV promo for Hip Hop Avenue, a local TV show produced by Subliminal Films and in terms of skill, they really REPRESENT in all aspects of the word. Well done guys. Check it out:

Have a listen to Kaapstad and if you dig what you hear, contact me if you’d like to get your music recorded and produced at my studio the Fruit Farm at a very, very affordable rate:

I’m excited to see the interest in Cape Town hip hop still growing from strength to strength – it really is one of the most dynamic art forms in the Western Cape and I’m always astounded by the fervour in which it is pursued and executed (I’m only referring to it in this regard in comparison to what I’ve noticed in other local genres and idioms). Proud hip hop head.


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