The Young Folks Take You For a Ride with their First Single

The Young Folks

The Young Folks

As I’ve mentioned before, my band Brother & Brother belongs to a local, three-way band partnership called ElevatedBroFolks (EMBROFOLKS for short), and since last year we’ve embarked on a series of live support gigs that have seen us playing at a number of venues together. The last one was at the launch of Elevated Motion‘s new single The Factory at Mercury Live and the next one will be at The Assembly on 26th Feb. The latest single release from our EMBROFOLKS stable comes hot off the heels of The Factory – indie rock band The Young FolksTake Me For a Ride (it’s also up for FREE download). Check it out:

If you haven’t listened to Elevated Motion’s The Factory, here it is too:

Hopefully we’ll see you at The Assembly on the 26th! #EMBROFOLKS


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