Giant Steps into 2015 with Mountain Arts

Me laying down the fat raps

Me laying down the fat raps

I spent the day working on the title track off my upcoming debut Fruit Vendor EP called Giants. This song has to be one of the most loved songs I’ve written, since people always want to hear it sung at events. As can be expected, I want the recorded version to sound just as good as the live version, if not better. I never intended the song to be done only in an acoustic way, so where the live solo version only features acoustic guitar, the recorded version includes piano, cello, organ, double bass, turntables, synths and drums. Interestingly enough, when I did this song with my live band at Mountain Arts Music Festival early last month, it not only featured DJ Eazy on turntables but also the very talented Didier Richards on alto saxophone – and man, it killed.

Reinhart Rymhard

Reinhart Rymhard

The EP also features other great hip hop artists like Jerome Rex, The Route, Reinhart Rymhard, DJ Hearin’ Aid and Adrian Rogowski (of Brother & Brother) and so far, 3 tracks are already down – now, only 4 more to go.

I’m fortunate to have Mountain Arts Promotions come on board to fund the physical CD, which I couldn’t have funded on my own. They have a really cool deal that they do with indie artists: they fund the project up front on the condition that their logo appears on the CD cover and on the actual CD. The artist then pays them back off sales as product gets moved – no fine print, just a good old loan. Excess units then belong to the artist to sell for profit.

Mountain Arts PromotionsSome of the artists who’ve recorded and produced their projects through Mountain Arts Promotions include the Glenn Robertson Jazz Band, Dennis Stander and Tony Drake.

If you haven’t heard what Giants sounds like, have a listen to my live performance at Expression Session Worcester.

Ready to take those Giant Steps into 2015? I think so!


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