This past weekend was the Juju & Josh Jukebox at Aan de Braak Theatre, where we performed covers of some of our favourite tunes to in an intimate and very warm audience. The show was a success, albeit not as fully attended as we wouldv’e liked. In between songs, Juju and I shared sips of green tea – which was a first for me during a performance. It was magical.

JukeboxGemengde poster FINAL 500This weekend I’ll be in Beaufort West with the 2nd installment of Gemengde Oorsprong (Mixed Heritage) – the show Reinhart Rymhard and I performed last year at Woordfees. This time around we’ll be joined by Jerome Rex and together we’ll execute a more hip hop enfused version of the live aesthetic we previously employed. I’ll be using my keyboard to cue beats while playing bass in the left hand and chords in the right, and Jerome will be using his Novation Launchpad to trigger samples and beats. The show is a combination of rap, spoken word and RnB/soul. If you’re curious about how it might sound, below’s a clip from “Gemengde Oorsprong: Hemel in Aardse Kruike”, performed at Woordfees 2013.

It was coincidental how well these two pieces worked together, in that they both mapped the extreme experiences of the oppressed. The idea for “Ja, Baas” was actually inspired by a friend of mine who made the remark that dangerous coloured people are always hanging around on street corners saying the words “Give it to me…” usually before they mug some passer by. Hence the chorus of Ja, Baas says: “Our people stand on corners saying give it to me…400 years to acquire the truth but we’re still stuck in the slave trade saying Yes, Master.”

Reinhart’s piece “Skerp Tonge” explored that aspect in tandem and what’s interesting is that the creative process for both pieces were completely unrelated.


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