Today I’m going to share some videos with you from performances that took place at my last few gigs. The benefit of playing around at all these different events is that there’s always someone in the audience with a video camera or smart phone (which also mean you always, always have to bring your A-game)! The negative equivalent is that if you bring your B-game, something less than awesome will appear online. Luckily the following still is pretty rad.

Siphokazi Jonas at InZync Poetry Session

WNS Awards JitsvingerEver since I first heard Siphokazi at Roeshdien Jaz‘s EP launch at the Nassau Centre, I’ve been impressed by her writings. We’ve since connected at a few gigs and mingled in the same circles. I’ve also accompanied this sister in art at our last few events together and this particular performance was very magical. We even got a mention from hip hop artist Jitsvinger in an interview on the Word ‘n Sound blog, where he answered a few questions in relation to his spoken word award nomination.

“I enjoyed watching Siphokazi Jonas perform her poetry alongside a young man called Josh Prinsloo. You should be on the look out for this here!”

To get mentioned by such a giant in the arts community is rather, big! Read the full article. Here’s the vid:


Jitsvinger at the Tongue Fu Session

The performance Jitsvinger was nominated for was at Chris Redmond‘s Tongue Fu Session held at AmaZink earlier this year – a live experiment in spoken word and music. I was in the band on bass and it was an unforgettable gig. Here’s the vid for that:


Kyle Louw at Kaleidoscope Cafe’s Sunday Night Live

This past Sunday I played at Kaleidoscope Cafe’s Sunday Night Live event and once again accompanied pretty much all the poets. Next to Siphokazi, Kyle is one of Cape Town’s rising spoken word champs and is really making a big name for himself. This one is a snippet of how the night went down. Kyle even shed a tear towards the end:



Juju Domingo, Glenn Robertson, Jerome Rex and Dennis Stander at SNL

The last video I want to share is of an impromptu version of the jazz standard My Funny Valentine, as sung here by Juju Domingo, Glenn Robertson, Jerome Rex and Dennis Stander. I was on keyboard (and it really forced me to bring some semblance of the A-game) and Jason Skippers (Greenappleman) on drums. It was a really fun jam session.


SNL screenshot

Upcoming Gigs

ElevatedBros at Bohemia

The next SNL event happens on the 7th December. Until then I’ve got a few more gigs coming up which include a Fruit Vendor gig this weekend at the Brass Bell on Saturday next to Kenneth Minor, Brother & Brother at Bohemia next week Wednesday with Elevated Motion, a gig with Reinhart Rymhard at a youth event and the Juju & Josh Jukebox on Saturday, a covers show that we’re doing at Aan de Braak Theatre.

Gemengde poster 500The following Saturday myself, Reinhart Rymhard, Jerome Rex and DJ Eazy are off to Beaufort West to do our brand new version of Gemengde Oorsprong (the show Reinhart and I did last year at Woordfees) at the Karoo Ontspanning Saal.

Then the following Saturday I’m playing a wedding in Wellington and the Sunday is a really big one: the V&A Summer Sessions Mini-Folk Concert at the Waterfront, where I’ll be playing alongside Jenny Eaves, Hatchetman, Mark Fransman, David Meulen Trio and Touchwood. Read the PR here.

On the 2nd December I’m playing OpenArt Surgeries at Straight No Chaser and on the 6th I’m doing a performance and talk on creative writing at Ashleigh DavidsWriter’s Block Workshop at Aniyor Bakery. Also on the lineup there is rapper  Linkris, Reinhart Rymhard, Rene van Niekerk and Gracia Nicholls. That same day I’m playing a Fruit Vendor gig at a fundraiser at the Cape Academy Sports Field (it will be my first time playing a whole set with a band) next to the Glenn Robertson Jazz Band and rock band Fancy Pants.

Phew, enough reason to bring my A-Game! Now, for some air.

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