It’s been two incredibly busy weeks since I last posted an update here – I literally haven’t been finding a free moment until right now. So? What have I been doing, let’s see…

Rockville 2069 Photoshoot

Two weeks ago Saturday I did a photoshoot with the cast from the brand new musical I’m performing in in September: Rockville 2069 – a futuristic rock musical set to a post-apocalyptic backdrop. The shoot happened in some foyer at Artscape. Have a look at some of the pics (I’m the guy with the bass guitar rocking Cara Delport‘s custom-made zebra striped trousers) – pretty rad:

Brother & Brother and the New EP

This past week Brother & Brother hit SUN Studios to record our brand new EP – 6 awesome new tracks that bend the genre line between funk, hip hop, punk rock, alternative and synth pop. Two weeks ago I spent a full day just working on pre-production for the two days we spent at SUN. Have a look at some pics of us doing our thing:

Prepping for AandklasI spent four solid hours singing and rapping my heart out on day 2 of our session at SUN. When I was done, it felt like I’d been standing in the booth for the entire day. Adi will once again be mixing the project as well as recording the parts we couldn’t do at the studio at home. This time around (and in comparison to our debut 3-track Bombs EP) we will be doing a lot more tweaking in the production phase. I’ll be using a lot more exotic synths (which include tweaking on my actual keyboard as well as on my laptop, in addition to sourcing and editing in samples for that added ‘oomph’. We just finished working on a demo of one of our new songs called 10 Seconds, which made use of this method – and I’m happy to say it sounds really really good.

Here’s some live footage of one of the tunes we recorded this past week called The Woe Song:



Playing Trumpet
Adriaan Brand

My First Professional Website for a Client

I suppose you can say I’m a musician cum web developer (almost!). I very reluctantly was talked into setting up a professional website for music therapist and member of legendary South African rock band Springbok Nude Girls Adriaan Brand (he is also music coordinator at Solms Delta wine estate where I session on bass). He just recently set up his corporate team building programme called IMTD (Interactive Music-based Team Development). I assured him that I’m no web designer, but the site came out okay in the end even though it’s a work-in-progress  (I even did some CSS coding). Checkit out.

SAICA Roadshow
SAICA Roadshow

Upcoming Gigs

This coming week I’ve got about 6 gigs lined up: 3 with the SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) Roadshow (yep, it’s still going!) that’s been touring Western Cape high schools since April, my first show with the children’s theatre piece Tjiff en Tjaff in Vredendal, a gig with the Solms Delta Soetstemme and the monthly Kuila Expression Session. Next month Brother & Brother will be heading to Johannesburg for a few gigs with the blues rock & roll band Carri Wolfe too – that’s after I come back from the National Youth Jazz Festival in Grahamstown (I’ll be auditioning for a spot in the national band again, holding thumbs) and after four shows with Tjiff en Tjaff at Skouspel. Phew, a lot happening even though the gigging season is generally almost over. Can’t say I’m complaining though.

23 June – SAICA Roadshow at Steenberg High School, Steenberg

25 June – SAICA Roadshow at Wynberg Girls’ High School, Wynberg

26 June – Tjiff en Tjaff at Vredendal Stadium, Vredendal

26 June – Solms Delta Soetstemme at Solms Delta, Franschoek

27 June – SAICA Roadshow at Fish Hoek High School, Fish Hoek

11 July – 14 July – Tjiff en Tjaff at Skouspel

18 July – Brother & Brother at The Bohemian, Westdene, Johannesburg with Carri Wolfe

16 AugustBrother & Brother at Aandklas, Stellenbosch with Elevated Motion – Collab Gig

25 August – 7 SeptemberRockville 2069 at Artscape Opera House, Cape Town

24 September – Solms Delta Soetstemme at Solms Delta, Franschoek

20 November – Solms Delta Soetstemme at Solms Delta, Franschoek

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