Kids filling up their school hall
Kids filling up their school hall


Phew…finally a moment free to update this blog. In this past week I did 10 shows with the SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) roadshow and man, was it exhausting! We mainly did shows in the Cape Flats area between Athlone and Mitchell’s Plein, where I once again learnt the absolute deficit we have in poorer schools from previously disadvantaged areas. Last year when I did the Mom & Me roadshow which was targeted at toddlers, I saw the same problem crop up over and over again.  Social conditioning as a result of living circumstance has a direct result on the child’s worldview. You can read more about that here.

One of the toughest schools we did this past week was Ned Doman High School. Let’s just say it was really difficult getting the kids to settle down and listen to the show. Nonetheless, it’s incredibly humbling as a performer to interact with so many kids from differing backgrounds – for some schools this type of entertainment is not a common occurrence. Here are a couple of shots I took while on visits:

Soetstemme at Cederbergfees
Soetstemme at Cederbergfees

Trip to Clanwilliam Cederberg Festival

Last weekend I took a trip with the Solms Delta Soetstemme to Clanwilliam, a small town roughly 3 hours away for their annual Cederberg Festival. I think my experience there would’ve been richer had I not been so sick with a light flu/cold. In any case, the festival was nice and reminded me a bit of a smaller scale version of the KKNK (Klein Karoo National Arts Festival). One highlight was seeing people compete in a Rieldans competition which is a type of traditional dance done by the Khoisan people of Southern Africa. Today, this dance is still performed in rural areas accompanied by Langarm (long arm) and Vastrap (stomp) music. People generally dance around in a circle or straight line, wearing olden time farm clothes and red veldskoene (a shoe with untanned leather upper sewn without nails, similar to the Canadian moccasin. Thought to have been made by the Khoe people (known perjoratively as Hottentots) before the arrival of Europeans, but still made and worn in South Africa).

The dance itself reminded me a lot of Pantsula dancing as down by black people in the townships, there definitely in my opinion was some kind of cross-pollination of styles there – probably during the gold rush.

Brother & Brother

Brother & Brother is doing a rather big gig on the 27th May at Aandklas in Stellenbosch. This event is our first request booking, where the venue actually approached us about playing. Tickets for this event will be pre-sale as we’re trying to get at least 50 of our own followers through the door at R10 each. The other acts on the bill are Nick Marucchi Band and Josh Richter. I’ve already sold 5 tickets and they haven’t even been printed yet! Check out this poster I did advertising the event, somehow people just dig this whole stencil thing:

BroBro at Aandklas 27 MayFor a bit of a taste of what this event will be like, check out this video of us at Bohemia. Adrian has a GoPro camera attached to the bridge of his guitar. It was also the first gig I played with my new keyboard:


Upcoming Gigs

27 May – Brother & Brother at Aandklas, Stellenbosch with Nick Marucci Band and Josh Richter Band

16 AugustBrother & Brother at Aandklas, Stellenbosch with Elevated Motion – Collab Gig

25 August – 7 SeptemberRockville 2069 at Artscape Opera House, Cape Town

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