Me as the Happy Asian CA Guy
Me as the Happy Asian CA Guy

SAICA Roadshow

Right, so you’re probably wondering what kind of connection I have to maths and why I’m writing about it in my blog. I mean, I was never really any good at maths in school – in fact, I dropped to standard grade in my grade 11 year – I’m more of a visual learner really. The irony is that since Tuesday I’ve been hitting up schools in the Western Cape area and teaching high school kids the importance of taking pure maths (the equivalent of higher grade maths in my day) instead of maths literacy (the equivalent of standard grade maths back in the day). The company pushing the campaign is called SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accounting). The aim? To get more youngsters enrolled in studying to become chartered accountants after school. My role? To make being a chartered accountant look cool, savvy and trendy.

The funny thing is that the only real selling point present in the script for becoming a CA is the financial payoff and so the bulk of the show entails the use of maths in other career paths like being a stunt man, a musician, an actor, a graphic designer, a stand-up comic etc – as long as kids know the importance of taking pure maths at high school level and of course, getting good marks. In one part of the script a parallel is drawn between maths and music which then leads to my character beatboxing in order to illustrate the use of tempo and meter to evoke different kind of emotions in music. Quite a leap from chartered accounting eh? Nonetheless!

Danalia and I
Danalia and I

My partner is Danalia Borman, a talented triple-threat actress, singer and dancer and so far we’ve been having a ball of a time with this show. I came in nearly halfway through the campaign to replace the original male actor (since his contract came to an end). I was initially contacted by HDI for the job, but I couldn’t commit to the training week since I’d already signed a contract to perform with Brother & Brother at RAMfest in early March as well the two shows I did at Woordfees in that week. I was quite bummed, since I absolutely love doing roadshows and interacting with kids. The reward in seeing the delight and instant impact it has on these youngsters is amazing and exhilarating for me – so I’m really grateful to be doing it. There is talk of taking the show to the Eastern Cape in May, but that remains to be seen!

Brother & Brother Takes it Up a Notch

Brother & Brother did two shows this past weekend, one with Starlit Sky and Cherry Vynil at Plaasteater and the other with Roeshdien Jaz and Siphokazi Jonas at the Nassau Centre in Newlands. Friday’s gig was in an old chicken coop/tank and had the worst sound rig we’ve ever played on – mainly because there was no sound man present! Nonetheless, we managed to make the most out of a crappy situation and used the platform as a rehearsal for Saturday night’s gig at the Nassau. We even ended up jamming with some of the members of the other two bands, which was quite cool.

The gig at the Nassau was undoubtedly our best gig to date. The concert auditorium was packed from floor to ceiling and there was such a great energy in the place. I got such a strong vibe from the audience, knowing that they were digging what we are about from the get go. Some people in the audience even cried for the two sad songs we played, which I don’t think has ever happened at one of our gigs. We also had loads of people, both young and old tell us how much they love our sound and on-stage vibe. It was very blessed. Of course, Roeshdien and Siphokazi both brought the fire respectively.

It was my first time seeing Siphokazi do her spoken word poetry and she raised the roof exercising an excellent command of her craft. Roeshdien had a bunch of session musicians in his band and expecting no less from them they destroyed the place too! All in all it was a thoroughly rewarding and blessed night and we got a lot of networking out of it as well.

Kuila Expression SessionKuila Expression Session

Last night I performed at the monthly Kuila Expression Session and it was THE bomb. Undoubtedly the best one I’ve been at to date with the whole crew from the Worcester Expression Session being there as well. Each and every performer brought their respective skill to the fore in a massive way. I performed one of my new tunes called 10 Seconds which went down really well too. I just love the creative and authentic atmosphere this event has! It creates room for artists from all walks of life including singers, rappers, poets, instrumentalists, dancers, visual artists etc. Very blessed indeed – I’m looking forward to the next one being held in Worcester next month!

Upcoming Gigs

with Pieter van der Westhuizen
with Pieter van der Westhuizen

3 May – Solms Delta Soetstemme Tour to Clanwilliam Cederberg Festival

16 AugustBrother & Brother at Aandklas, Stellenbosch with Elevated Motion – Collab Gig

25 August – 7 SeptemberRockville 2069 at Artscape Opera House, Cape Town

3 thoughts on “Maths is Everywhere in Music and Sound!

  1. Oh so true! Music and Maths – perfect combination. It has something to do with counting the notes or rhythm; I don’t know, but my son’s proficiency at the subject could have helped him in his early music studies.

    Josh, you’re leading just the kind of life you’ve wanted, I believe. And you’re even running a music school now. Wow!

    Much love, Marj

      1. I’ve been so busy these past few weeks because I’ve been preparing my documents to be able to do a little traveling with my sister this June; I even have to go offline most of the time. I still work and try to squeeze in reading.

        You amaze me with everything you can do. Your writing is even flawless now; not to mention your, uhrm, body. 🙂

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