BlackStageDesign2A little while ago I mentioned that Brother & Brother have been undergoing some changes in sound and look/feel. Partially before our performance at RAMfest, we decided to inject some more energy, fun and added dynamic to the band – and it has been working. One of the main changes was the addition of rap to the sound – we are now one of the only rock bands in “the scene” to be fully amalgamating into a rap-rock band. We’ve also become more of a funk band with 3 of the songs in our set featuring prominent breakbeat type drumlines. In a sense you could say we are now a post-modern alternative funk rap outfit with a South African flavour. I also forgot to mention, I bought a new keyboard – a synth workstation from Roland – we had our first gig at Bohemia in Stellenbosch last Thursday night with it and we blew the place up. It was undoubtedly our best gig to date – hands down, largely thanks to the extreme sounds of this new machine. All of us were amazed at what it can do, and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface yet.

But I digress, I’m really excited to share with you the new rebranded look and feel of the band. Over the weekend I went to work on designing a new text logo for the band. Because we now have this very prominent, fun and urban look – I wanted our text logo to represent that. All the band members agree – this is the new look Brother & Brother:

BroBro Cover blue yellow

I literally filled nearly 4 pages of art paper with designs for the new text logo in black marker. The one above came out tops, after which it was scanned in and edited with GIMP. From there, I designed a round logo/emblem which can be used as a sticker, a badge, on business cards, as a stencil – basically an all purpose marker for the band. Checkit:

BroBro Logo on Canvas RedWhat do you think?

Upcoming Gigs

with Pieter van der Westhuizen
with Pieter van der Westhuizen

9 AprilSolms Delta Soetstemme Music Tour, Franschoek x2

14 AprilSolms Delta Soetstemme at Fyndraai Restaurant, Franschoek

25 AprilBrother & Brother at Plaasteater, Hazendal Wine Estate with Starlit Sky

26 AprilBrother & Brother at Roeshdien Jaz’s EP Launch with Siphokazi Jonas, Nassau Auditorium, Newlands

27 AprilSolms Delta Soetstemme Music Tour, Franschoek

3 May – Solms Delta Soetstemme Tour to Clanwilliam

16 AugustBrother & Brother at Aandklas, Stellenbosch with Elevated Motion – Collab Gig

25 August – 7 SeptemberRockville 2069 at Artscape Opera House, Cape Town

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