with Oom Hannes Coetzee
with Oom Hannes Coetzee

I had a huge day of gigging on Saturday, so much so that by the time I got done at Solms Delta’s Oesfees (Harvest Festival) and on my way to Aandklas with Brother & Brother – my legs down to my knees were aching, pretty much from standing all day. I was very privileged to play bass for all the Solms Delta Musiek van de Caab ensembles as well as stand out performances with Oom Hannes Coetzee (famous teaspoon guitarist who rose to fame with David Kramer’s Karoo Kitaar Blues), singer/songwriter Pieter van der Westhuizen (whose music I was introduced to by my step-mom years ago), legendary rock guitarist Albert Frost and the super down-to-earth Valiant Swart. It really was a big honour.

with Pieter van der Westhuizen
with Pieter van der Westhuizen

As far as the headliner’s were concerned, my favourite band was by far Tribal Echo – who I’ve heard so much about from friends. In fact, the lead singer Fraser Barry actually features on Jerome Rex‘s album (for whom I played keyboard on the album launch). The Tribal Echo song “Ek is Mal Oor Jou Suid-Afrika” (I’m Crazy About You South Africa) nearly brought tears to my eyes, but the vibe and all the dancing they created while on stage just made me feel so happy! They have a very unique and original sound, with a mix of pure South African rhythms and hip hop. This is a great band and I really think they are going to go very far!

Loukmaan Adams and his band totally killed it though! What showmanship they all displayed. Technically they were also the most kick-ass band there! Really tight performance. I also enjoyed Karen Zoid‘s performance, although I have seen her play many times before – her show always has a big element of surprise and her band are on point. She even called a few kids up on stage to dance with them – slick.

That said, I was very disappointed by Theuns Jordaan‘s set. Man, it was not good. He went up with a guitarist and backtracks. Where every other artist brought a tight live band along, he comes up with backtracks. He also only has a one octave singing range, so all his songs end up sounding the same…Yep, not good at all. He had the crowd hanging on every word though, it was somewhat of a miracle to say the least – and not in a good sense. Ja…

Albert Frost
with Albert Frost

You should ask me how I made it through Brother & Brother’s set at Aandklas after. I was so exhausted, I just wanted to sit down. All in all it went great, there are a few songs in our set that are getting really old – so we’re in the process of ejecting them from the set and writing new/more vibey tunes. I’ll update on that later.

Also, I’ve resumed work on my solo EP – almost a year in the making. I’ve set a deadline to have the mixes done at the end of April. Can’t wait to release it and see what happens.

Upcoming Events

27 March – Solms Delta Soetstemme at Fyndraai Restaurant, Franschoek

30 March – Kuila Expression Session, Christian Family Centre, Kuilsriver

3 AprilBrother & Brother at Bohemia, Stellenbosch

14 AprilSolms Delta Soetstemme at Fyndraai Restaurant, Franschoek

26 AprilBrother & Brother at Roeshdien Jaz’s EP Launch with Siphokazi Jonas, Nassau Auditorium, Newlands

3 May – Solms Delta Soetstemme Tour to Kleinmond

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