Dahgah Fondasie
Dahgah Fondasie

Josh Prinsloo en die Dahgah Fondasie

This past Monday was the performance of my own, largely self-written music/poetry piece called Josh Prinsloo en die Dahgah Fondasie at Aan de Braak Theatre, Woordfees. I was very stunned by the supportive turn out on the night, especially from those who’ve attended Jerome Rex‘s monthly Kuila Expression Sessions, where I’ve performed twice prior to great reviews. The Jerome’s Geselskap (Company/group of friends) pulled through to show me support – which I’m very grateful for. In addition, a bunch of my friends and family showed up which made the event SO worth it.

The new Aan de Braak Theatre is smaller and more intimate than its predecessor, which makes it great for performances that intend to draw the listener in – and with that, I believe I achieved in what the show set out to do. I intended the performance to have a good balance of light-hearted/funny/satirical content and deep, serious and poignant content. Add to that the ever present element of jazz, spoken word, monologue, rap and of course singing – it turned out really amazingly. There were even a few audience members who cried and others who were really moved to tears. Even my dad, who is usually not the most emotional persona – told me he was almost in tears during the slave narrative.

I was very touched by the support and by the band’s commitment to this project. I really want to take it further! As soon as things quiet down somewhat, I’ll be shopping around for other venues, perhaps theatres that cater to this kind of vibe.

Dahgah - Jerome en Geselskap2

The feedback so far (even from random strangers) has been ecstatic and so positive – that makes me happy. I have a bunch of video footage that was taken on my phone that I’ll be uploading in due time.

Here are some pictures from the night:

Storierak MuisStorierak Muise at Woordfees

This past week as well, I’ve been working as a mouse. Yes, that’s right – a mouse! I played a character called the Storiekrak Muis (the Bookshelf Mouse) alongside my designated partner for the week – Sarah. Our job was to walk between the various performance venues and hand out flyers advertising NB Publishers‘ new app for the iPad and iPhone which allows the user to download children’s story books onto their device.

Apart from the crazy stares we got from some people, most of the festival-goers were very nice to us and found us very amusing. It’s amazing how funny so many people thought the costume was, since it only featured two mouse ears, face makeup and a tail – some people were bending over from laughter.

We even got our pictures taken with bad boy of Afrikaans music: Steve Hofmeyr!

Storierak Muis with Steve Hofmeyr
Storierak Muis with Steve Hofmeyr
Adriaan Brand and Music van de Caab
Adriaan Brand and Music van de Caab

Solms Delta Soetstemme

I started playing bass for Solms Delta’s Soetstemme this Thursday past, with a bunch of great gigs lined up over the next week! Thursday’s event was what they call a music tour – where tourists come to the wine farm and get entertained while doing a wine tasting. They get to listen to traditional South African music, namely ghoema, vastrap, langarm and so on. The band consisted of Adriaan Brand (also of famous rock band Springbok Nude Girls) on accordion/trumpet, Craig Potgieter on guitar, Carlo Fabe on drums and myself on bass. The Soetstemme (Sweet Voices) is a choir made up of people who work on the farm. The whole initiative is part of Solms Delta’s music outreach project which is headed up by Adriaan, who is now a qualified music therapist (there are only a few in South Africa).

I’ll be joining them today for a wedding, a music tour tomorrow, another on Monday, a string of rehearsals this week and their biggest event of the year next week Saturday at the Oesfees. Headliners that day include Karen Zoid, Theuns Jordaan and Loukmaan Adams.

Music van de CaabUpcoming Events

15 March – Wedding at Solms Delta

16 March – Music Tour at Solms Delta

17 March – Music Tour at Solms Delta

22 MarchOesfees at Solms Delta/Brother & Brother at Aandklas with Four a Penny and Queenshead

27 March – Solms Delta Soetstemme at Fyndraai

30 March – Kuila Expression Session

3 AprilBrother & Brother at Bohemia

26 AprilBrother & Brother at Roeshdien Jaz’s EP Launch with Siphokazi Jonas, Nassau Auditorium

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