Rogowski, Brightly Clothed Boy and Diff Knock Down the Walls!

Adrian tracking guitar like a BOSS

Adrian tracking guitar like a BOSS

My buddy Adrian Rogowski approached me sometime last year to collaborate on a Rage Against the Machine tribute song with a blend of South African subject matter. That idea later flourished into the song you’re about to hear called Knocking Down the Walls, which features music composed, mixed and produced by Adrian with rap vocals by myself (under the alias Brightly Clothed Boy) and rapper/poet Adrian Different (Diff).

In pure RATM style, the song itself contains subversive political content aimed mostly at our country’s ruling party and the head of state – mostly for their lack of two brain cells and witless passing of bills that encroach upon our (and the media’s) right to freedom of speech (what with the passing of the secrecy bill – which allows the government the power not to disclose any of their ‘secrets’ and disallows the public to conduct inquiries into shady, corrupt and underhanded deals that our president and members of cabinet may make). It also touches on the president’s unscrupulous use of tax-payer money to build himself a humungous mansion at his Nkandla homestead – which has been the talk of the town since it was discovered that he spends more money on personal use than any of his predecessors.

The song features instrumentation straight out of the RATM book of insurrection. Artwork was done by yours truly. I hope you enjoy:


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