Brother & Brother is performing at Kaleidoscope Cafe this Friday night with the Glenn Robertson Quartet, who’ll be paying tribute to the legendary Club Montreal. Consisting of jazz legends Gary Kriel (bass), Maurice Gawronsky (drums – who also by the way used to play for Grammy winner Stan Getz) and Ian Malgarte (piano).

For R100 (students) and R120 (working people), you get two great bands plus a delicious serving of hot, beef curry – always a favourite of mine when performing there.

BroBro at Kaleidoscope earth colours with bordersThis will probably be our last gig before RAMfest, so if you’re not able to make it to the big one – I’m sure this will be a lot like it.

Ramfest Cape TownAlso, Kaleidoscope Cafe is doing a FREE WORKSHOP with DTI on Thursday 27th February about Formalisation of your Arts Business and it’s gonna be awesome! I also have FREE tickets to MUSIC EXCHANGE available to those that attend the FREE WORKSHOP! As you know the tickets are quite pricey and with rapper Mos Def a keynote speaker, you wouldn’t want to miss it. Let me know if you’re free and I’ll reserve a spot for you. Time: 9-2pm on 27th February.


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