Brother & Brother - RAMfest 2014
Brother & Brother – RAMfest 2014

It’s been roughly a month since that last gig Brother & Brother did at Tygerberg Medical Campus, where I incorporated a rap into the second verse of our song Sing it from the Hills to massive applause and energetic roars. One rehearsal on and a band camp weekend in Yzerfontein (in a beach house I might add) later and we now have two songs incorporating rap in our set, with another in the pipeline (a la Linkin Park or Rage Against the Machine or Red Hot Chili Peppers, P.O.D. etc). It’s fitting, since I’ve been rapping since before I started singing. But wait, that’s not all. We’ve also pumped a good dose of funk into the mix with a touch of latin influence and progressive tendencies. In the words of Linkin Park, we are now a genre-less band. And rightly so, since all four of us have a range of influences that together can’t be pigeon-holed into one specific genre.

Beach Themed Brother & Brother Shoot - don't ask...
Beach Themed Brother & Brother Shoot – don’t ask…
View from Mark's house in Yzerfontein
View from Mark’s house in Yzerfontein

That said, the mix of different styles has injected the band with a new vigour and energy that I haven’t experienced before since our inception. We literally are rocking out hard now with none of us leaving the band room not dripping in sweat. This past weekend, we literally spent the whole of Saturday perfecting our set in a small room of Mark‘s house with all windows closed. On Sunday when I woke up, my neck was sore from all the headbanging and tireless jumping – not forgetting how croaky my voice was. This original version of Sing it from the Hills is the closest to what the track sounds like now; with the addition of rap:


Tonight we play our biggest gig to date, opening for Beach Party and the madly successful aKing at the Klein Libertas Outdoor Music Series – where we’ll debut two new songs and a bunch of reworked old songs. Wish us luck!

Klein Lib Outdoor Series

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