Music for the Ages

Kuila Expression SessionOn Sunday evening I did my first solo set of the year at the first Kuila Expression Session of the year in Kuilsriver to a moderately full audience. I shared the bill with the artists Jerome Rex (who also curates the session), Nama Xam (the night’s MC), DJ Hearin’ Aid, DJ Eazy, singer/songwriter/poet Ashleigh Davids and rappers Recruit and D.O.E.P among others. It was my second time playing at the session to warm applause. I played two of my tunes: Pencil Pusher Man and the new one Giants (which went down really well I must add). The whole audience were even singing along to the end vamp on Giants.

A sketch of me drawn freehand by Michael Abrahams during my set

A sketch of me drawn freehand by Michael Abrahams during my set

The reason I titled this post ‘Music of the Ages’ is because of late (at many events), I’ve found people of all ages enjoying, relating and feeling encouraged by the music I create. Shortly after the session ended, I was approached by an older couple – husband and wife in their mid 50s-60s. They told me that they were ‘blessed’ by my performance and that it touched them. I found it odd that the music I create is aimed at a younger crowd with a mix of folk, rap and politically obnoxious lyrics – yet somehow (and however pessimistic my view might often times be) they were touched by something in it. They were smiling from ear to ear.

I also had a group of younger audience members come talk to me after where I was asked to ‘minister’ at a church (uhm?), play a birthday gig as a fundraiser in February and perhaps do a collaboration with a spoken word collective.

Jerome Rex

Jerome Rex

In all honesty, what I most enjoy about these moments is the fact that I’m beginning to notice the goal or purpose of my artistry taking shape. I always wanted to create timeless music – part of that of course is that a voice and guitar style will never expire and that it has this way of transcending age gaps and going straight to the heart.

I’m also grateful to be exchanging and collaborating with Jerome and the Geselskap (the Company) at both this event and at his cd launch event at Dorp Street Theatre on February 28th. Jerome managed to crowdfund all the money needed to produce his first full length album and I have to say, it was well worth the effort. More on that in later posts.

Jerome CD Launch Press ReleaseOn the Brother & Brother front, we are performing a short acoustic slot on MFM this Thursday afternoon at 1pm to promote our gig at the Klein Libertas Theatre Outdoor Music Series on the February 5th (next week), where we’ll be opening for acclaimed rock band aKing and Beach Party. We’re even going away to Mark‘s holiday house in Yzerfontein this weekend to polish our set! Watch out world, 2014 says hello to Brother & Brother.

Klein Lib Outdoor Series


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