Backstage: Dave and I fooling around while Mark holds up the pole
Backstage: Dave and I fooling around while Mark holds up the pole

Last night Brother & Brother did our first gig of 2014 at Stellenbosch University’s Tygerberg Medical Campus. I’m not entirely sure what the event was about other than a bunch of med students getting together for a party, but it was a really good gig to kick off the year. We shared the stage with Elevated Motion, Loveglove Pyrotechnics and Ends & the Ocean. Woodstock Mafia were meant to headline, but due to the massive amount of rain that started pouring during Elevated Motion’s set; the show was cut short for fear of the rain falling on all the gear. Nonetheless all the bands had a great time and I even ended up dancing wildly in the hard rain before the end.

The ironic thing about the whole bit was that the stage only got setup well after 7pm because harsh winds kept blowing the canvas covering all over the place. A bunch of the various band members had to chip in with morale and physical support.

Brother & Brother - RAMfest 2014
Brother & Brother – RAMfest 2014

This was the 2nd Brother & Brother event that incorporated a rap verse in one of our songs, which last night made the audience go crazy. I think we are slowly but surely becoming a rap/rock band!

Our next confirmed gig is with the hugely successful band aKing and Beach Party at Klein Libertas Theatre‘s rock music series on February 5th. We’ll probably do a few warm up shows before then and in preparation for our first big festival performance at RAMfest 2014 on March 6th. Biffy Clyro is the main headliner at that festival.

In the meantime, get a whiff of my house remix of our track Where Would That Leave Me:

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