Presenting Reinhart Rymhard’s “As Ek Alleen Is”

Last year I did my first festival performance of my own material with one of my best friends: Raynard Stander (Reinhart Rymhard). The show was called Gemengde Oorsprong: Hemel in Aardse Kruike (Mixed Heritage: Heaven in Earthen Vessels) and took place at Aan de Braak Theatre as part of Woordfees 2013. Have a look at how it went down. Video footage below courtesy of Adrian Rogowski:

As ek alleen isShortly after completion of the show (for which we received a standing ovation and overwhelming applause), Raynie had to leave the Cape for a work opportunity and has pretty much been away ever since. This has unfortunately inhibited any further performances of the work, BUT before he left he recorded some rough vocals for use should ever I find a gap to make of it whatever. What you’re about to hear is my electronic interpretation of Raynie’s spoken word piece called As Ek Alleen Is (When I’m Alone), an exploration of identity, coloured culture and the human condition. It is our first recorded track together since An Issue of Blood, done in 2010. The artwork was also done by me.

What do you think? I think it’s a bigger step up from An Issue of Blood almost four years ago. Have a listen:

I’ve already started working on Raynie’s next track. Perhaps we should do an EP?



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