Poster Design3As a Christmas present, my girlfriend Sam bought me a printer/scanner/photocopy machine. Ever since, I’ve been on a mad graphic art buzz. The need for this machine was born out of the countless trips I made to the printing store (in the most inconvenient times) to get stuff either printed or scanned – most of which were office documents and the like. Add to that my job’s requirement for important paperwork needing to be scanned and emailed most efficiently – I figured it was time to step my game up.

I haven’t done much official paperwork with the machine yet, but I have scanned in some of my drawings. If you’ve been following this blog, you’d know that the first and last piece of artwork I uploaded here was the poster design I did for the Soapbox Jazz Jam Session & Open Mic – the event I curated at Cafe Art from September 15th – December 1st. It was the first piece of art I’d done properly since high school 7 years ago. Next to drama, my first career choice was graphic design/illustration. BUT at the last minute (after appearing as the lead in my school play), I changed over to drama – I figured I could continue drawing and doing art pieces while studying. I was wrong. I did pretty much nothing. As a result, that side of me has been stagnating – until now.

With my new machine I set out experimenting with GIMP (the open source image editor I used at my previous job) by trying to colour in the scanned illustrations. The other option would be to illustrate with a digital pen and corresponding pad – which I don’t have. Nevertheless, it’s quite easy to colour in a scanned image – something I’m hoping to do more of as I start releasing more of my music online. In some way, doing an album artwork in tandem with the music, makes more of a project of the whole thing – and hence adds further to a growing portfolio of work. In the space of two days, Sam has assured me I’ve grown exponentially.

The first image is just a simple experiment. Check it:

Wombin Footprint
Wombin Footprint

The one below is actual artwork for a single I produced for my friend, spoken word artist Raynard Stander (Reinhart Rymhard). I made the lines bolder on this one using a fine liner. The difference is amazing. Check:

Reinhart Rymhard - As Ek Alleen Is
Reinhart Rymhard – As Ek Alleen Is

Since uploading the first image to Facebook, I’ve already had someone request me to do artwork for their album. I’m not even sure how much to charge them?

Anyway, what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Getting My Art Mojo Back

    1. Thanks Marj! 🙂 Ja drawing was one of the first things I learnt to do as a kid. Trying to get back into it. I started doing some drawings for my band’s poster artwork – so I’m getting there. Cheers!

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