Introducing Hotknot on the Danceflow

Hotknot on the Danceflow album coverThe other day I was listening to some of the half finished pieces of music on my laptop, many of which have quite an electronic feel. Around 6 months ago, shortly after Brother & Brother recorded our first EP titled Bombs; I started working on a remix of one of the EP’s tunes called Where Would That Leave Me – one of the unfinished tracks I mentioned earlier. Since its quite a departure from both Brother & Brother’s sound and my upcoming Brightly Clothed Boy project – I decided to finish the track off, and release it under the name Hotknot on the Danceflow (if you’re a South African you might be able to pinpoint the pun).

Here in the Western Cape, house music is not really that big – but in Joburg it really is (probably the most popular genre). Who knows? I might actually crack it as a house musician. I also designed the album cover? It’s amazing what you can do DIY nowadays.

The track is a FREE download, so if you like what you hear – download it and pass it around. Have a listen:

Here’s what the original Brother & Brother version sounds like:

I have a few other unfinished house track ideas which I’ll probably release once I’m done with the Brightly Clothed Boy EP. Hope you’re having a great festive season!


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