Story of My Carless Life

Stranger things have happened

Stranger things have happened

While most people are beginning to slow down over the festive season, not much has been slowing down my side. Last night was one of those awry times when I realised how much my lack of personal transport adds to the exhaustion I experience when commuting, or alternatively; planning my transportation itinerary. For the last 3 months I have been a daily commuter with South Africa’s only train service Metrorail (or MetroFAIL as it’s known to most), which due to its unreliable services has caused me to arrive late at my destination on many occasions, has cancelled services with no valid excuse and has left a bitter taste in my mouth more often than not. Add to that, the infrequency of said services to and from Stellenbosch where I reside and you get a huge sour apple in your face (in addition to the odor of human defecation on any given MetroFAIL platform). The duration of the trip is longer than an hour too! In fact, I will be making use of this service this afternoon again as I venture to Cape Town for a gig with the Cape Town Gospel Choir (my first time as bassist with them) at the V & A Waterfront. This method will probably repeated for the gig at Meadowridge Baptist Church on Sunday as well. Sigh.

Brother & Brother

Brother & Brother

As mentioned above, the lack of transportation on my end has led to various precarious situations considering the need for adequate transport, especially as a performing artist. Early yesterday evening, I was in Meadowridge for the choir’s rehearsal ’til roughly before 9pm. The problem was that I needed to be in Cape Town CBD straight after rehearsal for a soundcheck with my band Brother & Brother (we played with Carey Wolfe at Ragazzi in Loop Street). I was wheel-less.  I managed to score a lift with Brother & Brother’s drummer Dave to Meadowridge from Stellenbosch, but he then had to take the keyboard and bass amp to Ragazzi for soundcheck without me. Fortunately Gemayel (drummer for the choir and also of CueCumber Jazz band) volunteered to give me a lift to Ragazzi after our rehearsal ended. I was saved!

Metrofail 2Upon arrival at Ragazzi, I found out that I had no way of getting back home. Dave was not going back to Stellenbosch and neither were any of the other guys! At the end of the night I managed to score a lift in a hired vehicle with a sweet German girl named Marisa. I’ll have you know that I am trying to save up for a car!

The gig at Ragazzi was cool, albeit empty as hell – story of my life! The only audience there apart from the staff was the other band! We treated the event like a rehearsal and decided to do something completely new: tear our setlist into small pieces, throw it in a hat and call out the names of the songs randomly as drawn out of the hat. What transpired was awesome, our set actually sounded hipper than usual! I also decided to do a rap on one of the songs, just for the heck of it – and it worked. The band has decided to include more of this rap vibe into our future songs.

Well, I’ve got to go get ready for my train trip! Let’s hope MetroFAIL doesn’t pull another trick!


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