Young Bob Dylan
Young Bob Dylan

So, I’m happy to announce that I got a role in an exciting new rock musical in the ensemble/chorus that happens next year at Artscape Opera House. If you’ve been reading, you’d already be aware that I had two callbacks last week which went relatively well. My role? A character inspired by legendary rock music icon and songwriter Bob Dylan. The first time I was compared to Bob was by my uncle who thought I share a striking and uncanny resemblance to the guy – young Bob that is. The comparison has followed me around ever since (especially when I wear my hair long), and was noted by the show’s producer as a big plus. I don’t particularly like the Dylan comparison, since I think he sings really crap and always seems to be the object of affection in the eye of many a douche-bag who has crossed my path in the past. That aside, the show is a pretty big starting point for me in terms of taking my theatre career further. What I’ve learnt in the last week, is that it doesn’t matter how good you are as a performer – when big money is involved, it’s all about risk analysis and experience.

Bob3The producer expressed uncertainty about casting me in a lead, simply because of my less weighty musical theatre rep – and since Artscape is probably the largest stage I’ll perform to date. Big theatre shows are ironically less about art for art and are all about filling seats. As a result, the show’s main leads are to be played by a former SA Idols winner and a bunch of other musical theatre stars (all of which are being headhunted). That way, there is a stronger chance of pulling in the masses and recuperating costs. Other theatre stars are being brought in from Broadway and West End to further buff up the show’s market profile. In addition to an 8-piece rhythm section, there will also be a 30 piece orchestra involved and an extravagant audiovisual portion thrown in for added effect.

Rehearsals only start in August next year, so there’s enough time to get into character (as they say).

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