My New Job and First All Expense Paid Trip to New Yor…I mean Joburg

Earlier this week I submitted my CV for a job application after I saw an advertisement on Facebook looking for a male industrial theatre actor. Soon after, I was given a one page script and told to send through a video audition for the part – which I did.

Mom and MeBack when I studied drama in my 3rd year, I wanted to major in industrial/interactive/community theatre – but due to so little interest in the subject (from only myself and one other), the elective had to be cancelled. I selected creative writing in its place. I had this lofty idea then and still do, that drama (or arts as a whole) could change the world, make a difference. Interactive theatre entailed working directly with school kids and impoverished communities to raise awareness about topics like HIV/AIDS, sex, substance abuse and so on. Many of my peers at that stage showed very little interest in bettering society, some wanted to be stars etc. My girlfriend (who also studied drama) ended up majoring in interactive theatre two years later when more interest was expressed and the elective was re-initiated. During this time she did a tour playing excerpts from her own life in a play called My Life Reviewed, originally written by legendary South African playwright Athol Fugard – her literary hero, who she got to meet and exchange ideas with. Now her subject of choice has become my job, at least for the next three months.

My audition video was successful and I am flying up to Johannesburg early tomorrow morning to commence training with a youth events marketing company called HDI Youth Marketeers for the week. They are covering all my expenses and so far, are very professional and hands on. Myself and my co-star Tamarin Carlson are taking a kiddies play called Mom & Me on behalf of Albany Bread and Gummy Vites to 133 schools around the Western Cape starting next week Monday. I’m very amped.

Check out my audition video below and tell me what you think:



  1. Josh, Ha ha! It’s so cute and funny. I had no idea you are this multi-talented. Is there anything you cannot do? I guess none. Once you put your mind into something you love, there’s no stopping you. You are magnificent.

    • Awwww…Thanks Marj! I’m try to grab onto anything that interests me – acting is one of my many passions. πŸ™‚

      • Aah acting…it used to be my passion too when I was in my teens. It’s a very exciting field of art. I hope to watch more of this creative expression from you here.

      • Yes it’s very exciting and physically demanding – I wish I was able to do more of it though. It’s such a thrill for me πŸ™‚ Let’s hope more opportunities come my way!

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