Brother & BrotherI’d like to introduce you to our 3rd track off our debut Bombs EP called He Knew No Love. It was written just over a year ago after I had a heated and relationship shattering encounter with a man I’d grown quite close to. I had lived in his house for 3 months before this exchange occurred, in which he accused me of doing a list of things I had never done. See, he had been through a rough life. Being coloured under the oppressive and racist apartheid regime, he never learnt how to let go of his past, all his missed opportunities and hatred towards white people. Every night I would listen to him moan about how evil he thought white people are and how they’d never be able to enter Heaven – simply because they’re white and by association, are evil.

After the emotional exchange was over – I immediately went to my room, plugged in my bass guitar and went straight into writing this song – it was finished in one sitting. The following week I brought it to the band room, and they all loved it. It has subsequently become a staple of our setlist. True life is stranger than fiction.

Below you can listen to the song, as well as watch a video montage of the making of our Bombs EP (which Adrian edited together) – set to the music of He Knew No Love.

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