Brother & Brother Desk Plans
Brother & Brother Desk Plans

Things have been relatively quiet on the Brother & Brother front for the early part of this year, but a couple of months ago we put into motion our plan to release our first EP as soon as possible. We opted for the DIY approach this time around, since it’s hopelessly too pricey to go into professional studios to simply record a few songs. As opposed to forking out all that money (on what often times can be a disappointing process – when time is money and vice versa), we decided to record everything except the drums at home.


To record the drums we went to SUN Studios at Stellenbosch University, where it was tracked by Justin Versveld (of the successful band 3rd World Spectator). Dave, our drummer laid down the backbone for 3 songs in under 3 hours – the last of which was tracked completely on the spur of the moment – as a means to maximise the grand we were spending on drum tracking.

Adrian, our guitarist (who is also the designated mixer/producer of the project) then edited the drums on his PC using the Ableton Live Digital Audio Workstation. Once the drums were done, we went to Adrian’s house to record the bass, keyboard and guitar.

Josh Tracking Vocals
Josh Tracking Vocals

Using my audio interface and condensor microphone we went guerrilla at the Conservatory at the University to get the vocals recorded. To minimise the sound of the recital room we were using, we grabbed a bunch of sound treatment panels off the walls and arranged them in the corner where we set up the mic. We spent about 10 hours setting up, recording and then packing up again.

Once everything was recorded, Adrian locked himself away in his room and began the arduous task of editing and mixing all of the audio into three killer songs called Bombs, Where Would That Leave Me, and He Knew No Love.

After much dispute and sending files back and forth between the band members for final mixing, we settled on the best sound for all three tracks. Adrian has now sent the final mixes to André Cloete of Simplexity Productions for mastering.

Graphic Design

I honestly believe there is nothing that Adrian can’t do – never have I met someone who immerses himself more into the task at hand. This was also true with regard to the graphic design. Now, he didn’t do it all himself – but understanding the power of delegation, he outsourced a portion of the job to a professional graphic designer and friend of ours, Carlo Milandri.

They spent the whole of last Friday night working on quirky design ideas for use in this project, settling on paper cutouts of simple shapes and bright colour schemes.


On Sunday we braved the cold and rainy Winter weather to do our photoshoot with Marisca Forrer (Dave’s friend), at Woodmill Lifestyle Market. Naturally the miserable weather made it really easy for us since there was no-one in sight. We even managed to find a huge open plan room that appears to still be under construction, where Marisca got some amazing shots of us looking broody and band-like.

Johan editing video
Johan editing video


Mark, being a very resourceful fellow; has brought his friend Johan Coetsee on board to compile and edit the mass of video footage we collected during the production phase. We plan to release each track online with its own promotional video, which will consist of behind-the-scenes footage of what went down.

Needless to say, this will all be put up online once the masters are back and when we are ready to launch everything in a consistent branding campaign. It won’t be too long now though.

A big thank you to everyone who has been involved with this project so far.

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