Brightly Clothed Boy Session 1 – The Beginning

My Recording Setup

My Recording Setup

Last week I made up my mind that it’s about time I start putting some of my solo music out there. I’ve had this ethereal idea in my head that I should do a compilation of my own music since I first started making music in high school, but never really got around to making it happen.

The idea is to release an EP (Extended Play) of plus-minus six tracks by the end of the year. So far I have five ideas, of which two are just about complete. These songs I want to promote under the pseudonym Brightly Clothed Boy, since I think it’s a fitting name for the quirky and often colourful content of my songwriting.

Adrian tracking guitar like a BOSS

Adrian tracking guitar like a BOSS

Although producing the entire project myself (from both a musical and administrative point of view) seems noble, I have called in the skill-set of my close friend and musical peer/collaborator Adrian Rogowski; to produce the project for me.

Adrian has for the last two years dedicated himself to learning the complete ins and outs of music production and has just about taken over the role of personal producer for our band Brother & Brother.

With this in mind, I see it fit that he should exercise considerable creative control for the Brightly Clothed Boy project.

This weekend he came over to my house and we discussed our vision for the project, we also spent considerable time listening to my rough demo tracks and setting up a production schedule for the next six months – which you can see below.

Brightly Clothed Boy Production Schedule

Brightly Clothed Boy Production Schedule

Me enjoying some wine while the creative juices flow

Me enjoying some wine while the creative juices flow

We also hope to secure at least three other artists to collaborate on some of the tracks – I’ll be sure to update you as soon as we’ve closed the deal.

Adrian reckons the music so far is sounding excellent, but then again we were given two bottles of wine from a theatre director friend who loaned Adrian’s baby guitar amp for rehearsals as an exchange – and I think it may have affected his better judgement (just kidding).

I’ll be updating this blog with further developments as time passes – preliminary meeting done!

On a side note, Brother & Brother is heading to SUN Studios at Stellenbosch University tonight to lay down drum tracks for two of our songs. Thereafter Adrian will be in the producer’s chair for those as well.

If you’re unfamiliar with Brother & Brother, below is a small foretaste of what you can expect when we get around to finishing our album. We initially recorded the following as a scratch track for a student recording session last year, but I decided I might as well post it here since I think it’s good enough. It features vocals, piano and bass by me and guitars, arrangement and production by Adrian. Additional services were rendered by Phil Thurston. Enjoy.



    • Hey Mikey, I’ve been wearing glasses since last year this time more or less – but only when I’m working on computer. We need to setup a date for when you come over to record some of your stuff.

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