The 6 week songwriting course that my friend Adrian and I have participated in has come to an end. As mentioned in previous posts, the course was done through Berklee Music via Coursera and was taught by songwriting lecturer Pat Pattison. My final assignment was a song inspired by Adrian called Fruit Vendor, which I wrote on a dare after he asked me to write something about fruit. A week prior he’d asked me for inspiration for his final assignment entry and I gave him the first word that popped into my head: Rollerblades. He then went ahead and wrote a quirky song called Rollerblader.

For the final submission, Adrian had asked me to sing the vocal part and do the mixing of the song while he played all the instruments. It took the whole of last weekend to put what you’re about to hear together.

In addition, Adrian figured he could hit two birds with one stone since he usually participates in a monthly composition competition on Guitar Forum SA. This month’s challenge is radio pop, and with that in mind – he went with the required aesthetic. Previously I’ve lent my vocals to Adrian’s funk and reggae submissions. So let’s see how he fares with this entry. Enjoy!

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