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One of the main reasons I haven’t been able to update my blog more than once a week this year so far, has been because of my involvements in various projects during my off hours. One of these projects has been in the works for the last 3 months, a brand new musical called Skalie Skinnerstories Tref Stoffontein (Fracking Gossip Hits Dustville – that’s my best attempt at translating the eccentric title).

Skalie Rehearsals
Skalie Rehearsals

The show has been written and directed by Schalk van der Merwe with music and lyrics by Lucas Heinen, choreography by Merique Hanekom and stage management by Anel van Zyl. ABSA Bank and Christine Falck (owner of Aan de Braak Theatre) have made it possible for this show to make its debut at one of the biggest arts festivals in South Africa: the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (Klein Karoo National Arts Festival) – KKNK which happens annually in OudtshoornChristine is also the venue administrator for the Deurbraak (Breakthrough) stage at the festival (where the Deurbraak cabaret show I played in made its debut last year) that also creates a platform for fledgling young artists to hit the ‘big time’.

My Skalie CV Headshot, courtesy of Celeste Kruger
My Skalie CV Headshot, courtesy of Celeste Kruger

The show is a love story set in a small fictional town in the Karoo (in the Northern Cape of South Africa), where the industrial mining phenomenon called Fracking threatens the town’s ecosystem and the livelihood of its inhabitants.

My character is a happy go lucky handy-man/cleaner who works in the local bakery.

I admit that I’m very blessed to be working with the high class talents of the following actors, who each bring their own unique flavour to the show:

Gabrielle Immelman (my love interest), Stephanie Badenhorst (the Mayor’s wife), Johan Falck (the Evil Mayor), Johan de Jager (the Life Orientation Teacher), Marlie Kock (the hot shot Lawyer from the big city), Merique Hannekom (the Mayor’s daughter), Kyle Seccona (the Bar Owner), Andre Terblanche (the Evil Lawyer), Heinie de Jager (the Good Lawyer), Maryke Nel (the Reverend), Celeste Kruger (the Flower Child), Grethe van der Merwe (Store Owner of the shop I work in), Pieter van Helslandt (the Hairdresser), Etienne Esterhuisen (the Assistant Lawyer) and Elanza Swart (the Journalist).

Looking forward to reporting on how it goes down. It’s happening next week from the 1st – 5th April.

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