Raynie and I at Every Nation Church

Raynie and I Performing Live

It’s been two weeks since I started rehearsing on Skalie Skinnerstories Tref Stoffontein (Fracking Gossips Hit Dustville), the musical that we’re taking to the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK) in April. We just finished “blocking” the whole show, which means we’ve run through everything and plotted what happens where and when. We start rehearsing on the actual music this week for the most part of the next month, which means I’ll be busy on that most nights.

Keenan Stevens

Keenan Stevens

Gemengde Oorsprong: Hemel in Aardse Kruike (Mixed Heritage: Heaven in Earthen Vessels), the show we’re doing for Woordfees (Word Festival) is coming on well too. Raynie, Sam and I had a very constructive session last week Wednesday night just working on the chronological and logical progression of the show. It is still tough to come up with music that will ease the audience into the show, and that is appropriate enough to complement the written material. The most important part of this show is the written aspect, the message of each item needs to come through as crystal clear as possible because we want it to have a profound impact on the audience. Yes it will have moments of pure entertainment, but the words of each song is what needs to resonate the most.

Last week I also mentioned that we lost both of our main accompanists to other gigs. This was a big downer for me, but I’m happy to announce that the chordal role will be taken on by a jazz guitarist who’s more than competent: Keenan Stevens. Keenan has a very gentle and thoughtful way of playing and I’m looking forward to hearing how his approach complements the music. The drumming duties are being handled by David Dos Santos.

Roger Williams

Roger Williams

A big highlight also is that a very talented illustrator Roger Williams (of State of the Art Illustration – who has done designs for electro pop group Gazelle, hip hop diva EJ Von Lyrik, Godessa and many others) will be doing graphic design and multimedia for the show. This is a big privilege, since I’ve been a fan of his work since I was very young. I’m excited to see what he comes up with!

I’ve also been prepping for a big audition that is happening this weekend. I don’t want to give too much away right now so as not to get ahead of myself, I just hope it comes off well. So far Sam has been helping me get my costume ready as well as listening to me practice the two songs I have to prepare. One of the songs is Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”, which is Sam’s favourite and the other is one from the musical itself. The only challenge in terms of delivering a great performance with the song from the musical, is that the character has a very “rock ‘n roll” type voice – and I have a very gentle voice – so that’s gonna take some hardcore work.

We’ll see how it goes..! Let’s hope for big things!

Getting Into Character

Getting Into Character


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