What a brilliant and colourful post. I’m so getting this book! 😀



John Coltrane’s Giant Steps


Picture Book

Ages 4 and up

By Chris Raschka

36 pages

Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Published in 2002


Chris Raschka has tackled jazz before in two previous picture books, Charlie Parker Played Be Bop(1992) and Mysterious Thelonius(1997). His book Yo! Yes?(2007) was awarded a Caldecott Honor. In 2006 he won the Caldecott Medal forThe Hello, Goodbye Window, by Norton Juster (author of The Phantom Tollbooth). He won the Caldecott Medal again in 2012 for A Ball for Daisy. I feel quite comfortable saying that Chris Raschka is a genius. (This article, written by his wife, titled “The Habits of an Artist” is a fascinating read.) His art is rich and loose and full and free; his text is concise and lyrical.

If you had to describe Jazz to someone who’d never heard music, this…

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