Soapmouth Vs Ben Bad

It’s been a tumultuous week to say the least and I’ve had so much going on. Despite all that’s been happening, this week’s DIY Beat was my first collaboration inside of the DIY Beats Challenge and it just so happened to occur very spontaneously. Let me first explain that the track you’re about to hear was recycled from last week’s Mystic Relaxation, because I was in Johannesburg this weekend for my brother’s birthday and I simply didn’t have the time to work on a fresh new beat while I was there. Secondly I started rehearsing every night from Monday on a brand new musical that will be headed to KKNK in 3 months time, so the pressure built up even more.

Fortunately the guy I collaborated with; Ben Badenhorst (Ben Bad) kinda saved my bum this week by suggesting a collaboration after he had heard Mystic Relaxation. Ben is probably the best young South African guitarist (it may sound like an overstatement, but it’s true) and currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel. I’d met him in 2009 after we did a 2 week tour up the South Coast with girl rockers Heather Waters and Mari Bosman. Since then I’ve been following his own DIY tracks and needless to say, he is light years ahead of me both instrumentally and electronically – so in that sense this collaboration was very humbling.

Ben added some glitches, some smooth jazz guitaring and a killer George Benson style solo in the later part of the track. Have a listen, any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Feedback on Last Week’s DIY Beat – Mystic Relaxation

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Feedback towards this track has been largely positive. The following people has this to say about it:

Ben: Nice one JOSH! Love how the production has evolved since last week! Very impressed:) You’l be surprised how much of a difference mastering ‘verb adds!
Just makes everything blend nicely….”

Gavin: “NIce!love the change in beat and the running base!summer vibez!”

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