Burning in the Fire, My first Reggae Tune

Reggae Fire

It’s been about a year since the track you’re about to hear was recorded and uploaded to Soundcloud, linked to Twitter and posted on Roger Love‘s Twitter page. If you’re not familiar with Roger Love, he’s the world’s top vocal coach and has given lessons to John Mayer, Michael Jackson, Rob Thomas (Matchbox 10), Earth Wind & Fire, Pavarotti etc. About two years ago I started reading his best selling vocal book “Set Your Voice Free” and it has been pivotal in my development as a vocalist.

Adrian had initially recorded it for the monthly composition competition on Guitar Forum SA, where he had asked me to assist in providing vocals for the track. I remember heading over to the radio station where I used to work and quickly improvising the lyrics a few times, recording it and sending it to Adrian via email.

A day later the track was complete and he posted it soon after on the forum where it got some great reviews. As for Roger Love, he actually gave it a listen and gave me the following critique:

“Hey Josh! Yes, that’s it! Sounds really good. Great voice for this style – it grooves the way it should.”

He also gave me some further feedback on making my phrasing groove more. In case you haven’t yet heard it on Soundcloud, have a listen to it now.



  1. Great Post!!! I needed a little regge beat to brake off this winter chill!!!

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