A very thought provoking post from a full time and positive hip hop musician, who is trying to make a difference!


I find myself asking this question, to me, a lot lately and I really had not put a whole lot of business thought behind this question until last night, and so now I am up before the sun with a clear head and quiet house to see if I can best sum up my intentions. I have been  very successful at being “self-employed” for the last seven years and I have done fairly well at supporting my wife and three children, but as I worked I always felt that I had a void within to be filled and selling junk food to inner-city children was not something that I wanted to retire doing regardless of how much money I made doing it. So over a period of time I began to dream of inspiring my people through music and through other ventures that would come as a result of monies…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Josh!
    I saw your comment on this page…. Stay positive! Who cares if someone else doesn’t think it’s a “real job.” Their narrow-mindedness is their own loss.

    It’s hard to say something meaningful without sounding cheesy or cliché, but I send you my most positive energy through this WordPress comment! **bzzzbzzzbzzbbzzzz**

    Keep on keeping on! ❤

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