Cuecumber Jazz playing All Blues at the Athlone Academy of Music
CueCumber Jazz playing “All Blues” at the Athlone Academy of Music

Every now and then I play bass for a jazz band called CueCumber Jazz, which is headed up by drummer Gemayel Kroukamp. The footage of the Miles Davis standard “All Blues” you’re about to see, was recorded live at the Athlone Academy of Music fundraiser where a variety of different artists performed. It features Matthew Ehrenreich on saxophone, Blake Hellaby on keyboard, Craig Victor on guitar, Gemayel on drums and myself on bass. It also features some really rad solos by both Matthew and Blake.

The sound balance is a bit off, due to it being recorded in a very large hall with excessive reverberation – so you can’t really hear my playing that clearly. Nevertheless, enjoy it!

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  1. What a talented group!! Though I really couldn’t hear you that well, I’ve developed the knack to be able to separate individual instruments, and hear each separately (it’s hard to explain), I can hear you well enough to know you ROCK on that bass! lol!

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