Week 10: Mystic Relaxation

Adrian Different

Adrian Different

Steadily into week 10 of my DIY Beats Challenge. Phew! For a moment there I thought I wouldn’t make it to week 10 but I did.

This week’s beat entitled “Mystic Relaxation” was created with a friend of mine; a rapper who calls himself Adrian Different (Diff) in mind. A while ago he asked me to sample a few existing recordings for a show we are performing in called Barakat at the Woordfees (Word Festival) in two months time. Mystic Relaxation contains samples from “Mystic Brew” by Ronnie Foster and A Tribe Called Quest‘s “Electric Relaxation” (which itself contains samples from the former).

I decided to make it my own and go ahead with some artistic license and added a vocal sample from Diff’s “Hardcore Life” spoken word piece. I also used my new Scarlett interface to record another hard grooving bassline for later on in the piece.

Let me know what you think.

Feedback on Last Week’s “Scarlett Meets Tina”

Tae the Tyrant said: “Digging the jazz vibe I’m getting from this!”

Kate said: “This is gorgeous! Loving Scarlett Meets Tina, btw. I’ve had it on loop for days. :)

Alex said: “Great bassline! Very Nice! :)

Vyvacious said: “I love the funky bassline!! Thanks so much for taking my suggestions to heart. I also enjoyed the second track as you brought something different to the table :) can’t wait to hear more!!

Gavin said: “I so love the intro and the intro drums and kicks. the syncopation makes for an awesome flavour. the calmer melodies towards the ends are definitely a winner. take it easy on the kicks from 1:45:they tend to dominate the sound towards the end of the song even when if they die down again. keeping the end mellow is a really good feel. have you tried slowing it down a lot and just using the main pieces of the melody.stretching and slowing creates a more powerful mood. also take the drum intro for Jaded by Aerosmith, slow it down to a chill-out session sound and please put it in! but buddy you rock! love this.

Ben said: “Nice one Josh! Feedback: The drums need more layers in order to groove properly (in the way that a live drummer would), so that means ghost notes on the hats, ghost notes on the snare….if you can get a copy of Addictive Drums, that will help ENORMOUSLY! Mixwise, the overall amount of bottom end can come up quite a lot, and the overall top end can come up a bit too…Lastly, add a mastering reverb to the whole track, to give it some Cohesion:)
Looking forward to the next installment! Peace:)

Naadir said: “I love the clear distinct ideas of each tune. You’re a good writer yo!



  1. You are so busy! Week 10 congrats I am jealous! I feel like a lazy bum!

    • Thanks Jasmine! I have to keep busy, otherwise I’ll go crazy 🙂 By the way I can’t wait to hear what your pedal sounds like

      • Oh it’s got some sort of mold on it and it’s wilted a touch from to much sun. . .

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