Adrian Different
Adrian Different

Steadily into week 10 of my DIY Beats Challenge. Phew! For a moment there I thought I wouldn’t make it to week 10 but I did.

This week’s beat entitled “Mystic Relaxation” was created with a friend of mine; a rapper who calls himself Adrian Different (Diff) in mind. A while ago he asked me to sample a few existing recordings for a show we are performing in called Barakat at the Woordfees (Word Festival) in two months time. Mystic Relaxation contains samples from “Mystic Brew” by Ronnie Foster and A Tribe Called Quest‘s “Electric Relaxation” (which itself contains samples from the former).

I decided to make it my own and go ahead with some artistic license and added a vocal sample from Diff’s “Hardcore Life” spoken word piece. I also used my new Scarlett interface to record another hard grooving bassline for later on in the piece.

Let me know what you think.

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Feedback on Last Week’s “Scarlett Meets Tina”

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Tae the Tyrant said: “Digging the jazz vibe I’m getting from this!”

Kate said: “This is gorgeous! Loving Scarlett Meets Tina, btw. I’ve had it on loop for days. :)

Alex said: “Great bassline! Very Nice! :)

Vyvacious said: “I love the funky bassline!! Thanks so much for taking my suggestions to heart. I also enjoyed the second track as you brought something different to the table :) can’t wait to hear more!!

Gavin said: “I so love the intro and the intro drums and kicks. the syncopation makes for an awesome flavour. the calmer melodies towards the ends are definitely a winner. take it easy on the kicks from 1:45:they tend to dominate the sound towards the end of the song even when if they die down again. keeping the end mellow is a really good feel. have you tried slowing it down a lot and just using the main pieces of the melody.stretching and slowing creates a more powerful mood. also take the drum intro for Jaded by Aerosmith, slow it down to a chill-out session sound and please put it in! but buddy you rock! love this.

Ben said: “Nice one Josh! Feedback: The drums need more layers in order to groove properly (in the way that a live drummer would), so that means ghost notes on the hats, ghost notes on the snare….if you can get a copy of Addictive Drums, that will help ENORMOUSLY! Mixwise, the overall amount of bottom end can come up quite a lot, and the overall top end can come up a bit too…Lastly, add a mastering reverb to the whole track, to give it some Cohesion:)
Looking forward to the next installment! Peace:)

Naadir said: “I love the clear distinct ideas of each tune. You’re a good writer yo!

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