Week 8: Beat Route

Hip Hop pic

A little while ago my cousin Earl who is a rapper going by the name “The Route”, asked me to do a “gritty” beat for him – for the album he hopes to finish soon. I’m on holiday now, so I had some time to try and make this next one really dirty with grunge guitar to boot. If Earl decides to use this idea, I’d obviously change it to something more loop based on the whole – but as my DIY Beats are deliberately short between 1 to 2 minutes, I compressed various sections into this piece to enlarge its scope somewhat. When I started my DIY Beats Challenge, I was criticised for looping the same idea over and over, so it’s taught me to make short little statements so as not to bore the listener. You’ll also notice I wanted to go a little more dub-steppy with the 2nd part, but as Raynie says – I didn’t go all the way. I don’t necessarily want to make dubstep as a speciality, since there are so many specializing in that.

Yesterday my girlfriend Sam asked me to categorize the genre of music I’m making, but I can’t really put my finger on it – I’m influenced by so much. Is it rock, hip hop, electronic? I really enjoy cinematic sounds and ideas, so I’d say I’m going for that right now.

Let me know what you think

Feedback on Last Week’s “For Andrea”

Adrian is becoming an overnight celeb on this blog, as the guy who gives feedback on my beats every week:

“Intro (0:00 – 0:15s)
Good stuff. Like the glitch effect. Drum build up is standard, but good none the less. I enjoyed that break just before the drop. Like the bass synth as well

Main (0:16 – 0:48)
I like the four to the floor. It was well mixed, the kick and bass are coming through nicely on my side. It sounded like you added a snare. Its a bit soft, but I’m sure you intended it that way. I like the extra embellishments you added, like that high note that kinda sounds like sonar. The pink noise also adds something to this part.

Chilled part (0:48 – 1:20)
A good anti-climax. Enjoy the orchestral feel. That pink noise sounds like a space ship landing, which is good. The second part of this chilled part builds nicely, I can hear those ever-so-80’s toms which is fun to hear. This is probably the most 80’s part of the track. That little high synth stuff you did there is good

End (1:20 – )
I can hear this part is the same as the main part just not as pumped. Hence it leads to a conclusion. It’s good stuff

No issues with this track. It does what it is supposed to do. It is rather emotive, takes one on a journey, and it does indeed have that 80’s feel. I’m sure Andrea will love it.

Craig: “Really enjoy the entire concept, your or arranging of the harmony really works well in this track, cohesive, something I struggle with. Tight, effective bass. I’m gonna study this for a while…the way you filled or created that space, the elements involved, is something I’m interested in.”

Jasmine said: “Great music! thanks for sharing!”

Stephanie said: “Josh, keep this up dude! sounding really awesome!

And lastly, Andrea – who the song was written for said this: “I’m literally in tearring up writing this. It’s beautiful…. and it means the world to me. Thank you my dearest kin. Much love for you to you, always. Andrea xxx”



  1. I like the first one for the root better. It’s mellow! I like rap songs that are real laid back! Excited to hear what he does with it!

    • Thanks Jasmine 🙂 He wanted me to make it sound dirty and gritty, which the 1st one isn’t – as you said it’s more mellow 🙂

      • I dig more mellow things! They are both good! Happy New Year !!!

      • Hey you should send me some of your tracks or give me a link to anything you’ve done – would love to hear your voice! Happy new year!!

      • AWH thank you!!! I am just about to start recording my album in the next few months. I have changed Genre’s so I’m in music LIMBO!!! I would LOVE to send you the album when it’s finished! can’t wait!!!!
        Thank you for asking that’s so kind! Most people just don’t care LOL!!!

      • I know what it’s like to be a musician and no-one cares! Believe me. Once you have some vocals recorded, it would be cool if you could send it to me and I’ll try my hand at remixing it if you’re game for that 🙂 And…looking forward to hearing your album!

      • I am VERY open to letting people remix! And Make there own. I encourage it!!! Can’t wait to see or i guess hear what you do!!!
        till then

    • Thanks Scientific! 🙂 Yes he is a conscious rapper who doesn’t curse so that’s great. Will let you know if the track gets done soon, I noticed you have one powerhouse of a studio. Do you have any links to your music that I can peruse?

      • Go to itunes , cdbaby,amazon music etc. and type either Moorish Renaissance or C.Dillon-El and I should come up

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