It’s taken so long to feel happy about Week 7’s Beat called “For Andrea“. After struggling with the composition since last week Saturday, it took on a new form after I saw the Ryan Gosling film Drive, which featured some stylized 80s music by Chris Martinez. I immediately decided I wanted to transform this week’s beat into something synth heavy, reminding me of both the nostalgic atmosphere of 8os films but also of my cousin Andrea – who was literally the first person to show interest in any of my little computer compositions. I think the beautiful harmonic motion of the piece and that undeniably unprocessed sound of the midi instruments reminded me of the electronic songs that Andrea used to listen to, and the good times we used to share.

As an early Christmas present for anyone who’s been following my DIY Beats Challenge, let me know what you think of “For Andrea.”

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An interesting thought from the Scales of Time

“I think your on the perfect path to your own musical redemption. The syncopation, melody and harmony in your first track are outstanding, a true flow of the creative process, as is the case in any medium. What I really like is when you said you like the work of painting in your beats versus the end product. Its what I think all in their chosen field or medium of artistic endeavor enjoy. Its probably more about the journey than the final destination.”

Feedback – Week 6: Atticus Ros

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“Intro (0 – 0:11s)

Very awesome. You have a habit for making sick intros man. What I like about this one is that it’s not the traditional 3 note hook. No, this is one note, a nice fat one too. I love how the first 3 seconds it builds from nothing and then its just dominates. That behind the scene rhythmic synth stuff you got there is effective too. Not too obvious but obvious enough to give your intro diversity
(0:12 – 0:38s)
I can kinda hear the NIN influence here, namely the guitaring. The reverbed claps where solid, prepares the song for a beat to come. I like the fading in of the piano which leads to the other part of the song(0:38 – 0:54)
Not much to be said here, its a great part. Kinda predicted, but in the good sense. The building up is good, piano sound is good. I especially like the drop right in the end before the beat comes in. That is A quality.
Breakout (0:38 – 1:27)
 This is my favourite part of the song. It’s a good break out part. Chords are great, very cheerful, it can only put a smile on ones face. Drums are solid, no objections there. I like the minor things you add to embellish this section, such as the riff guitar, the vocal samples?? The reverse bass synth.Outro (1:27 – End)
Also good. Can hear the atmosphere is changing from that of a cheerful one to a more sombre mood. If I where producing this, I’d probably let those piano notes have a moment to shine without being accompanied by the drums, but that is only a personal thing. Either way its still a good ending.The mix, well coming out my speakers at least sounds solid. It amazes me what you do on FL and with your monitoring system haha. It just goes to show you don’t need the best gear in the world to make the best music. You have got a good grip on the low end tightness. All your songs sound tight.I would however like to add that I didn’t really hear a Depeche influence? I was listening out for it, you know how I love them. So that was a bit sad, but still doesn’t detract from the song. On a final note, and getting back to what we spoke about earlier on whatsapp, you seriously have a gift man. Your beats are fat, unique. There is honestly no reason why this track for example couldn’t be used for lets say the credits scene in the end of a Movie. You have got some serious chops, and I know what gear you work on. You don’t let anything limit you which is awesome, so I can only hope and pray you do this in your future. You’re just so damn good! And you not even 25!!!”

Craig: “Wow. Very colourful and bright, summer-y. Also really well mixed.”
Raynie: “Man your beats are taking me to that place! sweet work!

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